16 thoughts on “Moog Grandmother Improvisation With Lisa Bella Donna At Moogfest

  1. Brilliant! many improv’d demos are so one dimensional. This was improvised composition, brilliantly formed and executed. Bravo!

    1. It’s not so much legato she’s got the VCA in gate mode.. or “kb rls” mode as Moog calls it here. Playing the kb gate sounds awesome a many times on many synths. Also sometimes it’s kind of hard not to play a synth legato if you’re a pianist. Furthermore w/ a gazillion pedals the ADSR will cloud it up if too much attack or release.

  2. I thought this was really cool. Nice work by the artist, and I thought the Moog sounded nice. It reminded me of the raw edge of my old Prodigy, even through all the effects. I think the board looks dreadful, but maybe I am coming around to its vibe…

  3. She’s showing the fun of playing instruments without presets, just doing it, playing instead of tweaking within lots of menus.

  4. I must admit. This sounds fantastic. But true reality is that pedals and performer make the majority of awesomeness. That why I love my Deepmind 12 – it has all the pedals inside.

    1. What do you mean by “thin”? What do you mean by “souless”?

      It sounds electronic, wet, flanged, loopy, repetitive, sonically seamless (i.e., no gaps), and has a little bit of dynamic shape. It’s got lots of pentatonic stuff in it– as one would expect in an improvised thing.

      I wouldn’t call it “safe”. It’s adventurous, and does show a high degree of skill– but not in a way that is all about being “showy”.

      Not my cup of tea, but mad skills and it held together well.

  5. Awesome improvisation and sound! I had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and a few other folks from Earthquaker. They’re really a nice bunch. The pedals are top notch!

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