Blade Runner Brass Patch On The Behringer Model D

Synthesist Alba Ecstasy shared his Behringer Model D take on the iconic Vangelis Blade Runner Brass patch.

He notes, “This is not an attempt to recreate some Vangelis’ Blade Runner patch, but to bring a flavour of it.”

Patch Details:

Using Behringer RV600 for reverb, Roland Demora for delay.

01 Behringer Model D: Ride Blunter

Glide: 6
Glide to OSC 3
Mod Mix: 10
Mod Mix: Noise/LFO
Mod Depth: 1.2
LFO Rate: 5
LFO: Triangle

OSC 1: Range: 8;
Waveform: saw; Volume: 9
OSC 2: Range: 8;
Waveform: saw; Volume: 9; slightly detuned

Filter Mode: LO
Filter Modulation: OFF
KDB Control: OFF
Filter Decay: OFF
Loud Decay: ON

Cutoff Freq: -1.5
Emphasis: 0
Amount of Contour: 5
Attack: 800
Decay: 3
Sustain: 8

Loudness Contour
Attack: 5
Decay: 3
Sustain: 8

21 thoughts on “Blade Runner Brass Patch On The Behringer Model D

  1. Beautiful, big and brassy 🙂 I’ve tried recreating it on Moog’s Minimoog iOS app, but no real success yet. Filter doesn’t come close, so it must be me, as by all accounts the Moog app is pretty darned close.

    1. No matter which tag on this device. It is clear that it is great masterpiece made (cloned) by true British engineers. Several generations of synthmakers tried to clone it and failed. BTW, already 6 months ago it was clear that this will work out great… when some early adopter dude took the thing apart and showed PCB.

        1. SE-1, Altrair 231, Creamware, there are some boutique clones like MME Minimoog you can find on ebay occasionally (normally sold without case).

      1. “No matter which tag on this device. It is clear that it is great masterpiece made (cloned) by true British engineers. ”

        Sorry to burst your bubble, but Behringer’s UK MIDAS guys had nothing to do with the Model D.

        The Behringer Model D is designed and built in China. It’s pretty impressive, though, for a cheap Chinese knockoff.

        1. Haha! Designed in China 🙂 Last thing was designed in China was paper invention around 100 BC. So sad how many people live in limbo nowadays. This instrument was designed in UK. 100% of it.

          1. EugeneM

            It appears that you have no clue what you’re talking about on this.

            All of the Behringer Eurorack clones are designed by their engineering office in China.

            The DeepMind was engineered by the Midas guys, along with the 808 clone.

            1. “This is further supported by a huge investment
              in quality control and reliability test
              procedures, all of which is in-house and overseen
              by a large contingent of British engineers that
              are based in MUSIC City. It is this powerful
              symbiosis of high-level European engineering
              and extremely – automated Asian manufacturing
              process that makes it all possible; it is simply the
              best of both worlds!” – from some interview with Uli. I think even if Brits travel to China to have some work done, this does not make them Chinese 🙂

              1. So you realize now that it wasn’t designed in the UK, it was designed and built in China, and the Midas guys had nothing to do with it.

                I talked with the UK engineers at Superbooth, and none of them had even seen the Chinese clones before the event (except for the Model D, obviously.)

                So – the Model D, the Pro-One clone, the Odyssey knockoff, etc – completely done in China, by the Chinese engineering team.

                Not sure why you’re hung up on the idea. Your comments seem a little discriminatory towards the Chinese, and have nothing to do with the quality of the synth or the demo!

        2. It is not only electronics which is designed in Western world and is produced in the East. My wife worked in pharm business and they have the same model. Things designed here and prototyped here. Once results are good, the formulas and process description is sent to China/Thailand/Vietnam e.t.c. where human-robots (workers) just press buttons in accordance to the manual. So you can pay a buck per hour there and get final product cheap. But those people dont even know what they do! Compare the attitude with people in Asheville. But even Moog gets PCBs pre-soldered in China or made of Resistors/Capacitors/Transistors and Microchips mass produced in China.

  2. I love mine. Always wanted a Moog. This is a Moog. Best $299 ever spent. Beefy sound. Amazing form factor. I could care less who made it or where. Listen for yourself. Pure magic.. Bring on the clones I’m buying them all!!!!!!

    1. Agree that this is a Moog. I owned a 1975 era Micromoog (1 Osc) which did not sound very good at all. Even the Boog on 1 Osc sounds better than the Mcromoog, which actually WAS a Moog. The problem with Bob was a lousy businessman and even mid-70s I think the designs were not even his anymore. The synths started losing their magic and Moof went broke around 1981 (Bob had wisely sold it early on).

      The Moog company today is not this same company, but actually an outgrowth of Bob’s next compant Big Briar. So the bloodlines of may “Moogs” were pretty diluted. Lets face it, the MIni and the Moog Modulars were the only great things vintage wise that bore the name.

      This Behringer Moog (AKA Boog) is so damn good, it is virtually a miniturised and modernised Minimoog, bar the name. Since it is about 50 years since the MInimoog came out, I think it is fair game at this stage, Behringer obviously have the right to make it (or they would have their pants sued off!).

      I have to say apart from the original looking much better, still, as a practical instrument I would rather have this Boog, as it is a modern, reliable instrument with MIDI/USB and has captured that vintage sound so well! But I admit I am a sucker for the original look, it has aged well and still looks classy.

      I am also buying the Behringer ARP Odyssey. I have read great reviews of the Barp, as people call it, although the module version Korg make is not much more expensive. Behringer are making some great kit these days, regardless of their reasonable price!

  3. wow that sounds awesome and i was listening through my tv ,is there any other processing on it ,other than reverb and delay ?

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