Rubicon 2 Thru-Zero Discrete Triangle Core VCO

Intellijel has introduced the Rubicon 2, the second generation of the powerful Rubicon triangle core analog VCO, designed in collaboration with David G. Dixon.

The Rubicon 2 features nine simultaneously available waveshape outputs; two sub-oscillators; three variations of a sine wave; a new Tri-State pulse circuit; exponential Frequency Modulation (FM); linear FM; hard and soft (flip) sync; pulse width modulation; CV control of FM index; a new foldable Warp circuit; and the ability to perform perfectly-symmetrical Thru-zero FM with no change in pitch or tracking accuracy.

They say “it’s an oscillator that demands to be tweaked, modulated and explored. It’s an oscillator that’s proudly analog and eschews all shortcuts. As such, it’s an oscillator that rewards its owner with sounds as boundless as their creative limits allow.”

Video Demo:

Pricing and Availability

The Intellijel Rubicon 2 is available for US $399.


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