Steinberg Releases Dorico Pro 2 Notation Software

Steinberg has released two major new versions of Dorico music notation software:

  • Dorico Pro 2 adds significant new functionality across the whole application, with a particular focus on supporting media musicians working in film, TV, video games, and other production environments.
  • Dorico Elements 2 is designed to be a starting point for composers, arrangers and students. Dorico Elements provides a streamlined interface, fluid input and editing, professional graphical results and playback.

Both Pro and Elements versions are available now through resellers and through the Steinberg Online Shop. There is special educational pricing, including an introductory discount of 60% off the educational price when you buy five or more copies of Dorico Pro, that runs until October 31, 2018. Crossgrade pricing is also available for users of Sibelius and Finale.

See the Steinberg site for more info.

4 thoughts on “Steinberg Releases Dorico Pro 2 Notation Software

  1. It’s really smart that Steinberg is taking on the big two. Both F and S leave a lot to be desired, and F (which I just did a big project on) is a huge pain in the arse to use.

    Dorico already looks more intuitive and cleaner.

  2. I would love to see Steinberg support their original clients by producing a midi only sequencer like the original cubase.No bloatware.Just straight forward mido only sequencing.I am a cubase user and hace been since the Atari.I find using Cubase now an unpleasant and time consuming affair. Have a think Steinberg

  3. and the Elements version looks like a massive cost saving with very little loss of basic functionality

  4. I like the idea of a MIDI only sequencer that is very good. If not to supplement the annoying MIDI editing features of the biggies.

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