Jan Hammer To Release First Album In A Decade, Seasons Pt. 1

Synthesist and composer Jan Hammer let us know that he’s got a new album on the way, after a nearly 10 year-long hiatus.

Hammer – whose work ranges from fusion jazz to the iconic 80s soundtrack, Miami Vice – will release Seasons Pt. 1, a album of new compositions.

“I’ve actually been thinking about releasing something new for six or seven years,” he continues. “This is what happens – musical ideas had accumulated in my head over time until I suddenly realized that I had more than enough for an album.” In fact, Hammer says that he’s already at work developing sketches for a follow up album.

Hammer cites influences as far ranging as the varied strains of the music he grew up with to what he calls “the elephant in the room” – his four seasons scoring Miami Vice.

“I really had these residual feelings of unfinished business,” says Hammer. “I’m proud of the work I did for the show, and there are echoes of that music that continue to resonate for me.”

Hammer himself describes the new album as “cinematic.” The opening track, Miami – Night, was inspired by Miami Vice director Michael Mann’s technique of spraying the streets with water when taping at night to set the mood for a scene.

“When I wrote Miami – Night, explains Hammer, “it felt like I was creating an opening scene in a screenplay.”

Jan Hammer’s Seasons Pt. 1 is scheduled for release on July 20, 2018.

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14 thoughts on “Jan Hammer To Release First Album In A Decade, Seasons Pt. 1

    1. You’re probably joking, but if not, go check out “The First Seven Days,” pull your foot from your mouth and try again, heh! I think its a more defining work than either his Mahavishnu Orchestra or Miami Vice offerings. He was also one of the first keytar players to make it rock, even though that damned Moog Liberation was so heavy, it threw his back out. He did a cover of “Manic Depression” that’s a real jaw-dropper.


      1. Yeah I was just joking. I use to slow down my Jeff Beck records half speed on our old Wolensak reel to reel and attempted to learn all Jan’s solos and Rhodes chord progressions. Hammer, Corea, Emerson, and Wakeman were the fearless foursome back then and our school masters 🙂

      Not even his career as the drummer for Peter Baumann? You know nothing about Jan Hammer, Ragnhild.

      -Geir Helgi

      ps. Fred Falke is awesome (and Alan Braxe)

  1. Jan Hammer is a superb musician. His original score for Miami Vice is one of the most sophisticated electronic scores out there.

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