DSI Prophet X Features New Version Of The Classic SSM Filter

Audio integrated circuit maker Sound Semiconductor let us know that the new Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X features their SSI2144 Fatkeys Four-Pole Voltage Controlled Filter – an updated version of the classic SSM filter that was used in many classic analog synths.

The SSI2144 is an updated and improved re-issue of the SSM2044, which many believe to be the best-sounding filter IC ever produced. The original version of the filter was used in many classic instrument designs, including instruments made by Crumar, E-Mu, Korg & PPG.

Both the original SSM2044 and the updated SSI2144 were designed by electronic music instrument pioneer Dave Rossum

“SSM chips were at the core of Rev One and Two Prophet 5’s,” stated Dan Parks, President of Sound Semiconductor. “So it feels great to be back in a Prophet our the new SSI2144.”

Here’s an interview with Parks from earlier in the year, when he debuted Sound Semiconductors and their new chips at the 2018 NAMM Show:

Sound Semiconductor was founded in 2016 by original SSM staffers, to develop high performance ICs for professional audio and electronic music. More information is available at their site.

6 thoughts on “DSI Prophet X Features New Version Of The Classic SSM Filter

      1. I can tell you first-hand that the Prophet X is anything but limited, considering that it has the same modulation tools as a REV2 and then some (like audio-rate modulation from any onboard sampled instrument, which to my knowledge is another first).

        The SSM filters are dual-channel (stereo) as well, with the ability to offset their cutoffs and/or modulate them from the matrix.

        It’s definitely pricey, but there’s nothing else on the market with two oscillators, two sampled instruments (with extensive editing tools) and SSM analog filters – and the ability to layer two sounds, effectively doubling those elements – so it makes sense that those features would come at a premium.

        Just my $.02

      2. I own a PX and it is absolutely not limited. Especially if you send some of your own samples into it. You can FM from samples, you can AM, it has a mod matrix. It’s the best sounding synth i own and that includes a Jupiter-8. It’s wayyy more flexible than that or any other classic polysynth. Beyond functionality, the build quality is beautiful. All metal chassis and black-stained wood endcheeks.

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