New App, apeMatrix, Gives You Complete Control Of Audio Routing In iOS

apeMatrix is a new AU/IAA App for iOS that gives you complete control over audio routing.

apeMatrix is designed to bring all your audio creation tools together and link them both in MIDI and audio. apeMatrix can also assign its Control Manager MIDI, Accelerometer, Scrub and LFO’s to modulate any built-in parameter and any parameter available inside AUv3 (Audio Unit Plugins).

apeMatrix offers 10 slots on each of three Matrix grids, with 2 bus slots on each grid that make it possible to interconnect all 3 Matrix. The MIDI Patchbay also offers endless possibilities for MIDI routing and control in a similar grid design for both internal and external MIDI control. So you can send and receive MIDI and have control over where its routed.


  • 3 Matrix Audio
  • 3 MIDI Matrix
  • 10 Open Slots per Matrix (hosts up to 30 plugins)
  • 2 Audio Bus Slots per Matrix
  • 2 MIDI Bus Slots per Matrix
  • MIDI Monitor
  • MIDI Scale Filtering, Transpose etc…
  • Control Manager (MIDI, Accelerometer, LFO, Scrub) for all Built-In Parameters
  • Control Manager (MIDI, Accelerometer, LFO, Scrub) for all AUv3 (Audio Unit Plugins)
  • Presets Manager and Morphing Pad
  • Save Custom AUv3 Presets
  • Session Saving/Load
  • Save/Load View’s Frame in Presets
  • Transport to sends host sync to Audio Unit plugins and IAA
  • Integrated and configurable MIDI keyboard with scales
  • Connections output and panning controls
  • Post Dynamic Processor
  • Audiobus and Inter-Audio App (Sender and Fx)
  • Audiobus state saving
  • Ableton Link
  • Precise MIDI Clock In/Out
  • AudioShare Compatible
  • AudioCopy Compatible
  • MIDI Manager: Virtual Midi and Network, 14 bit NRPN controllers
  • File Manager, sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox and AudioCopy etc…
  • Variable Sampling Rate (up to 96 kHz)
  • Variable Buffering Size
  • Variable UI Color Schemes

Pricing and Availability

apeMatrix is available now for US $9.99.

4 thoughts on “New App, apeMatrix, Gives You Complete Control Of Audio Routing In iOS

  1. Been using it over the past few days. Lots to like, including the approach to controlling AU parameters (not that discoverable but very useful). Never was a huge fan of LFOs, but these can make for fun effects, especially with modular-style sound generation and processing (as opposed to keyboard-centric instruments).
    Not sure it’ll become my main host. AUM is also quite a bit of fun and AB3 is gaining AU MIDI. But it’s a useful tool to have on one’s iOS devices, especially if you have some AU MIDI plugins (Rozeta, StepPolyArp Unit…).

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