New Sampler, Atlas, Automatically Organizes Your Samples Using Artificial Intelligence

Algonaut shared this sneak preview of Atlas, a new app that promises to use artificial intelligence to streamline working with samples.

Here’s that they have to say about it:

At the centre of all our products is SoundClass, our own proprietary AI with a little bit of magic that is the first of its kind. It has been built from the ground up using customised neural networks, deep learning, and tailored audio analysis techniques.

We’ve trained SoundClass to be capable of listening to any new audio content and determining its category and a description of its characteristics. This opens the door for features and products that are yet unheard of.

We are constantly evolving and growing SoundClass with increased capabilities to be used with new sounds and future products. It is constantly learning and we pass that knowledge to you through software updates that you can benefit from.

AI is not replacing the musician. We build our products so that the AI solves the problems that get in the way of your creativity. It works with you, so you can make great music without any barriers.

Here’s a look at beatmaking with Atlas:


  • The Map: Atlas’ AI can find every drum sound on your computer and create a map you can scroll and zoom with all your samples in one place.
  • Instant Drumkits: Find inspiration in randomization. One click and Atlas chooses 8 samples. Lock or hotswap them individually.
  • Drag and Drop: Drag and drop samples from Atlas to your favorite sampler/sequencer for more control. Atlas can be used as a replacement browser for your existing workflow.
  • Bundled MIDI Clips: Make drums loops in seconds by dragging included MIDI patterns from Atlas into your DAW as MIDI will trigger the drum kit.
  • Like/Dislike: The more you use Atlas, the more it gets to know you. As samples are liked or disliked, Atlas learns the styles of samples you prefer and helps you hone your sound.
  • Analyse your own samples: Analyze any of your own sample packs regardless of size. Create separate maps for genre, brand, style or however you organist your samples. Analysis happens locally, not in the cloud.

Atlas is currently in beta testing. See the Algonet site for details.

6 thoughts on “New Sampler, Atlas, Automatically Organizes Your Samples Using Artificial Intelligence

  1. GTFOH! If this is a patented technology, they have something very interesting on their hands and many licensing opportunities with current DAW companies.

  2. I think its smart to make an vst so every daw can use it…
    Thats the problem with max4live you can only use it in live…
    thats why reaktor is so much more sucessfull….

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