9 thoughts on “Resampling With The Elektron Digitakt

  1. Very cool! Didnt even think to sample my playing, would just sample my sequences. This way, you can get it dirty and humanized without microtiming or recording live shitty.

  2. the sp character in regards to resampling comes from the layering of the actual effects. neat technique but the vid is nothing more than a live sampling tut with sp404 tag to clickbait.

    anyone that has the moneyz to buy digitakt, surely will be able to cop a lowly used 404 or 303. the two compliment each other extremely well.

  3. Had one. Overbridge promised and not delivered. Overpriced sound packs. Could have been a classic with more preparation and less greed. Sold it.

  4. True on the clickbait but what title isn’t these days, the entire internet is clickbait. You read the title, get interested and click it. The 404 effects are garbage to be honest. They stepped them up a bit on the 555 with the super filter but most only use the BPM Looper and maybe the filter and Wah. You may find someone using the others but lets be honest, they aren’t that good for anything beside lofi sounds. Its best used as a sample/track player in a performance or by madlib who I believe doesn’t load up full tracks but actually plays the samples and sequences.

    He is only shining a light on the capabilities of resampling within another box and using the 404, which also resamples, as a reference point. Like the “Slice on the OT like an MPC” vids or the hundreds of comparison videos.

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