Output Releases ARCADE, Playable Loop Synth

Today Output announced ARCADE, their new playable loop synthesizer. A project two and a half years in the making, developers describe Arcade as a sort of “Netflix for musicians,” with new content being continually added to the core set of inventive music-making tools.

Output simplifies a musician’s workflow by eradicating extra folders and websites from the search process. Tempo and pitch-locked loops are organized into “sonic worlds” available directly within the Arcade plug-in. Playable kits of 15 loops come “dialed in” with 11 effects. White keys play the loops, black keys modify them, sliders change the character. In addition, modulation, and loop editing are a click away.

Users can also drag and drop their own loops and samples to manipulate them with the same creative tools.

Arcade Features:

  • Arcade is a software plugin that is compatible with all major recording programs
  • Cloud browsing delivers new product lines, kits and loops directly within plugin.
  • Users can add their own loops and samples by drag and drop
  • New content available daily
  • All audio locks to tempo and key
  • 15-voice loop synthesizer
  • Transform loops on the fly with Output’s proprietary modifiers
  • 11 effects, 4 sliders and deep modulation capabilities
  • 15-channel mixer with 4 insert master bus and 2 bus sends
  • Audio previewing in original and session tempo/key
  • Search, browse and sort by tag to find quickly
  • Offline mode enables use without Internet
  • Input Quantize for tightening live performances

Arcade Technical Specifications:
WIN VST/VST3/AAX 32/64bit
Compatible with all major digital audio workstation software

Pricing and Availability. Output Arcade is available now via Output.com. Arcade costs $10/month, and is continually updated with new features, product lines, and loops. Prospective users can try out Arcade on a free trial basis for 100 days.

For additional information, check out the Output website.

15 thoughts on “Output Releases ARCADE, Playable Loop Synth

  1. There’s always something with that kind of software releases that makes my smile. A lot of people think they are artists or musicians just by picking up others creations in small fragments, rearranging them and creating something “new”. Music and musicians should be much more serious than this …

      1. Except that DP are master crafstmen with serious musical chops
        and a great artistic sensibility, and not “paint by numbers” loop-ists
        /loop-ers/ loop-erians/ loop-aholics, looperists, or loop-sicians, or whatever the
        audience for such contraptions should be called.

        1. i do love Daft Punk but they honestly have a lot of songs that they didn’t change much and just looped an already built song. Did they steel there loops instead of paying for a subscription? is it not painting by numbers to take from a song thats already been popular? i tend to stay away from any sample or loop thats not from something i did not create because of these thinkings both ways.

  2. Summary:

    – Key marketing demographic of “producers” who press and hold a button
    while spazzing in ecstasy from the great music they are “producing”: check

    – Annoying subscription-based business model for customer (but lucrative for
    company): check

    – Thoroughly uninspiring sound: check

    Take my money (in perpetuity)!

  3. If you want to play and transform your own loops I recomend New Sonic Arts Vice.
    New Sonic Arts should be more recognized, its plugins are fabulous.

  4. I love, love, love Output I have all their plugins and sample packs. BUT, I am so disappointed to the switch to subscription for this? A loop player? what happens if I stop paying the fee? Does it stop working? I tend to write things then put them away for a bit and then come back to them. Sometimes its 2 months sometimes its 2 years, will I have to keep paying just to open it again? Please stop this right now. Charge me for the plugin then offer packs for sale, let me choose if i want them or not. I’m not even going to demo the plugin. I know you want to make money, heck you need to make money, but this is not the way to do it. So short sighted. If this is your new business model, well its been nice and I love the stuff I bought.

  5. Would anyone interested in this kind of thing still be interested after a month? Maybe, but I don’t see it.

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