Brooklyn Synth Expo & Stompbox Exhibit Attracts Largest Crowd Ever

The Brooklyn Synth Expo & Stompbox Exhibit, held June 9-10, attracted thousands of visitors to check out the latest gear from over 80 synth manufacturers.

Organizers say that around 2,500 musicians attended and that “tens of thousands of knobs were twisted”. The event has more than doubled in size from a few years ago, when it attracted about 1,000 musicians.

Here’s a walkthrough of the Expo, via Tone Vibes:

Organizer Paolo De Gregorio told us that the goal behind the idea of joining the two established expos was to foster cross-pollination between the formats and generate more interest in each. “The effort seemed to succeed, with many of the more experimental pedal lovers trying out synths and many synth lovers looking at the edgier stompboxes,” he said.

You can find more images from the event embedded below:

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