Make Noise Pressure Points & Brains Hands-On Demo

The latest Noir Et Blanc Vie video takes a look at the Make Noise Pressure Points and Brains Eurorack modules.

Host Stephen Fitzgerald demonstrates how he uses the pair in the context of performing modular lo-fi hip hop and then gives an overview of the modules.

“These modules have been some of my most favorite recently,” notes Fitzgerald. “I’m not huge into performing live with my modular setup, but these really help me being a whole other aspect of live playing to my sets.”

3 thoughts on “Make Noise Pressure Points & Brains Hands-On Demo

  1. Thanks for this. It is nice to have people that are doing instructional videos about older modules and not just the newest release. I know that there is a great library out there from Divkid, Cuckoo, LearningModular, and many more but new takes on old modules are always welcome.

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