Tracktion Biotek 2 Offers New Tools, Deeper Sound Library

Tracktion Corporation has introduced Biotek 2, a major update to its sample + synthesis virtual instrument.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Designed from the ground up to be different, Biotek 2 is a completely original engine with its own unique sound. It is a complete sampling and synthesis workstation offering unlimited sound design in a rare and stimulating environment.

The new Spinal Saw Oscillator ‘goes up to eleven’ detuned sawtooth waves within a single oscillator, delivering a total of forty-four sawteeth per sound layer. Making it perfect for thick leads, huge pads and rumbling synth basses. Biotek 2’s Granular Oscillator extracts sound grains from samples and redistributes them in any density to bring a mighty storm surge of synthesis to this powerful engine.

Its Deep Parameter Control offers intuitive workflow management, so users can quickly and easily build custom instruments with unprecedented sound shaping control.

Biotek’s innovative and comprehensive filtering and effects section offers users surgical precision to further sculpt sound with clinical accuracy.

Biotek architects Wolfram Franke, sound designer Taiho Yamada and synthesist Richard Devine have  crafted more than five hundred sounds for the factory patch list. This list includes over one hundred patches created by Divine and forty from film composer Christian Halten. Composer Mike Wall has also added a new collection of audio samples, including natural, environmental and industrial sounds.

Pricing and Availability

Biotek 2 available now for $199, with upgrades from version 1 costing $99.

2 thoughts on “Tracktion Biotek 2 Offers New Tools, Deeper Sound Library

  1. I’ll stick with version 1. $99 is too much for an upgrade for this, especially given the powerful apps and sonic capabilities of my iPads for just a fraction of the cost of this upgrade. JMO of course.

  2. The word ‘nature’ and nature imagery appears a LOT.
    Where is the ‘nature’ in this software?
    I don’t see or hear ‘nature’ at ALL….

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