RMX Drum Module For Eurorack Synthesizers

Developer Jan Ostman has introduced the DSP Synthesizers RMX Drum Module – a Eurorack module that he says features “that great 80’s a-Law companding sound.”

The module offers per-voice trigger inputs, audio outputs and volume and tuning controls.


  • 18 classic 80’s EPROM drum sounds (a-Law 8-bit 24KHz)
  • 6 voice polyphonic
  • 6 slider knob volume mixer
  • 6 tuning knobs 15 – 30 KHz sample frequency
  • 6 separate drum outputs
  • 1 mixed mono output
  • MIDI input 3.5mm TRS-jack type ‘B’ (Arturia)
  • USB-MIDI I/O 3.5mm TRS-jack (tip is D-)
  • Transmits triggers and tune knobs to DAW over USB

Pricing and Availability

The RMX Drum Module is available now for $339, 290€.

7 thoughts on “RMX Drum Module For Eurorack Synthesizers

    1. It is strange, Synthtopia do seem to like to promote him. That Muff thread is the least of it, would definitely recommend people do their research – buyer beware

  1. Its a shame that he didnt open an option for changing the sounds…example so you could insert your own sound eproms from a real Oberheim DMX (Or Linndrum pr SCI Drumtrak) due to that their sound roms were compatible with each other because they were using the same DAC 🙂

  2. It totally looks like some sort of a scam. Where are the demos? Who would ever buy a new module without even checking it out or at least hearing / seeing a demo online?

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