Voice Synth For iOS Updated With AUv3 Support

Qneo has updated Voice Synth for iOS to version 5.

Voice Synth is a vocal processor that features four 24-band live vocoders, live-pause, AutoPitch, Audio Units V3, audio routing, midi, sampler, multiple voice harmony arranger, pitch and formant shifter, distortion, delay, chorus and reverb and more.

The new version adds Audio Units V3 support for use in DAWs as instrument (sampler mode) and effect (live mode).

Here’s what’s new in Voice Synth for iOS:

  • Audio Units V3 for use in DAWs as instrument (sampler mode) and effect (live mode)
  • New macOS version, preset compatible with iOS!
  • iPhone X support
  • Choose audio route (input & output on macOS, input only on iOS)
  • Compatibility with output-only bluetooth speakers
  • Connect directly with bluetooth midi devices (without need for a 3rd party app)
  • Minor changes input/output gain trimming, mic thru on/off
  • More than 50 new presets, total 250+

Audio Demo (from v4):

Pricing and Availability

Voice Synth for iOS is available now for US $8.99. If you’ve used Voice Synth, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it.

5 thoughts on “Voice Synth For iOS Updated With AUv3 Support

  1. That’s a fantastic sounding vocoder. It’s a really nice demo to show what it does. For $8.99 it’s kind of hard to argue. But it requires iOS 11.3 or later, so it’s on the list of stuff that doesn’t pertain to me until I get a new iPad.

  2. One of my fav apps finally with auv, thats amazing… Goind directly to the app store and write a new 5 star review 😛

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