Gearfest 2018 The Largest Yet

Suit & Tie Guy (STG Soundlabs head & Knobcon founder) shared this collection of images, capturing some of the highlights of Gearfest 2018, which was held June 22-23.

Sweetwater founder and CEO Chuck Surack spends much of Gearfest greeting people at the entrance, where there’s a display of company history.

Gearfest is a free annual event, put on by gear retailer Sweetwater, at the company’s home in Fort Wayne, IN. This year’s event attracted more than 15,000 attendees from across the world, including guests from Australia, Brazil and Japan. Sweetwater says that it ‘was by far the largest GearFest yet.’

Unlike some music industry events, Gearfest is open to the public. It offers two days of classes, workshops, and live performances.

It’s also an open house for Sweetwater, so you can try out a huge range of gear in one place. Hundreds of gear manufacturers also attend and demo their latest gear.

We asked Suit & Tie Guy what he thought about this year’s event and he said, “(Sweetwater head) Chuck Surack puts on a fantastic and well-organized event.” He adds that the success of Gearfest, now in its 17th year, “definitely makes me feel good about the long-term potential of Knobcon.”

If you attended Gearfest this year, share your thoughts – and links to any photos or videos you may have taken – in the comments.

5 thoughts on “Gearfest 2018 The Largest Yet

  1. DSI, nice! My sweet water Rep told me about it after the event. Totally forgot. Would like to make it next year.

  2. Last 5-7 years most of my stuff from Sweetwater, my creation station has been a rock, plus real time help when I had a configuration issue was fast and easy. Loving my Line 6 Helix. Cheers to Sweetwater.

  3. I purchase my first piece of gear from Sweetwater recently (Behringer Model D.) The service, and after service was impressive. US service puts Canada to shame…
    This show looks like tons of fun…

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