Pittsburgh Modular Structure 344 (Sneak Preview)

At Gearfest 2018, Pittsburgh Modular introduced its new Structure 344 studio enclosure.

The Structure 344 has space for 344hp of modules (4x 86hp rows), with 80 keyed header. It also features a Multi-Function Distribution Bridge in the center that covers key utility functions, including I/O, mixing, logic functions and more.

Pittsburgh Modular Structure 344 Specifications:

  • 344hp (4x 86hp rows)
  • Nutstrips (no sliding nuts)
  • 80 keyed headers. (perfect for a lot of small modules)
  • Balanced 3 Amp power rails (+12v 3A / -12v 3A / +5v 3A)
  • Center Inbuilt Multi-function Distribution Bridge:
    • 30x soft clipping overdrive pre-amp
    • Fully buffered unity gain mixer / splitter
    • Dual voltage controlled bus system, each incorporating a 3-channel mixer with offset, inversion, breakout channels and more.
    • 6x Bus assignable outputs.
    • Analog logical bus mixers featuring and, or, and inverted.
    • Dual-channel cascading attenuators
    • Clean angled design
    • Midnight black hand-stained finish

Pricing and Availability

Pittsburgh Modular head Richard Nicol told us that they expect to have details on pricing and availability on the Structure 344 within a few weeks.

Photo Credit: Suit & Tie Guy

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