Avalon Bassline – The Best TB-303 Clone?

In this video, Enrique Martinez takes an in-depth look at the Avalon Bassline – a modern bass synth, inspired by the iconic Roland TB-303.

The core circuitry of the Avalon is based on the TB-303 bassline synthesizer, but it’s extended with new analog and digital control options, new filter options, updated connectivity and more.

Martinez calls the Avalon “the best sounding TB-303 clone you can buy.” Check out the video and share your thoughts on it in the comments!

25 thoughts on “Avalon Bassline – The Best TB-303 Clone?

  1. RE-303 is the best sounding 303 clone there is because it’s a 1:1 replica. That said, this thing is still dope no doubt.

  2. Needless to say that “the best” is very relative and subjective. Last time I’ve heard a comparison the Mode Machines xoxbox was my favourite

  3. Good luck finding this anywhere. Its like the Rainmaker – excellent gear but perennially out of stock

    1. I had money in hand ready to go for this about 4 weeks ago and it was not in stock anywhere… I ordered a Bassbot TT303 v2 and I’m really happy with that!

  4. I look forward to the day we can purchase a 303 clone that is even closer to the original than the original

  5. The Behringer clone will be. It’s will be even cheaper built than the original flimsy acid beast!

  6. I am not that impressed with this machine as It does more than a good few of us need.I admire the companies commitment but would love to see a stripped down version without the cvs and sequencer for midi only use. It is good we have no fear of being without 303 emulators .

    1. The MB-33 (from the guy who made the Schmidt synth) is the thing you might be looking for, in that case.
      It’s a basic 303 voice, with MIDI control.

      1. Thanks.I have seen those and Ivwill pick one up soon enough I think.
        I have had 303s and I am very happy with a xoxbox and a bass bot. I only use them via cubase as writing sequences is easier and ten times faster. Regards the MB33 all the demos seem to be by people who do not know acid trax.Everyhing sounds static.

    2. Most would consider the 303 sequencer a huge component of the classic sound, and that you can only approximate it with MIDI.

    1. Don’t bother, it is no fun to work with and does not sound even close to as good. Every other clone digital or analog ive used sounded better.

      1. Yes I completely agree. I sold mine in favour of the ABL3 . Only thing I miss is the hands on control but that’s what midi controllers are for. Didn’t much like the implementation of the env mod either tbh

  7. I care. This thing is brilliant, wish I had the funds. Not just a clone but an evolution of the original idea

  8. this thing looks great. but its criminal (not actually) to charge more than 500 bucks for a 303 clone. this is a 303 clone with an added trigger-able LFO, and for some reason a replaceable filter cartridge.

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