Processing Synthesizers With A Small Eurorack System

WMD’s Alex Anderson shared this video, exploring using a minimal Eurorack system to expand the sound possibilities of synthesizers.

“I wanted to let people know that you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to have fun with Eurorack,” he notes, adding “Maybe just an arm!”

The video explores processing and sequencing hardware with a small Eurorack system made using the Doepfer Beauty case, the Shakmat Knight’s Gallop, a WMD Aperture and a WMD Aperture.

One thought on “Processing Synthesizers With A Small Eurorack System

  1. Great video, Alex. Early on, I got to play an ARP Odyssey with one of their sequencers and a Korg MS-20 w/MS-50 expander. It taught me that I was far more of a keyboard player than a sound designer, but I learned plenty from the process. My take-way: if you work outside the box at all, a small modular can be one the best effects processors you’ll ever hear. It can be like a clever stomp box a mile wide.

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