Elektron Analog Heat MKII Now Available

Elektron has introduced the Analog Heat MKII, an updated version of its stereo analog effects box.

The Analog Heat features eight analog stereo effects circuits, multimode filter, and two-band EQ. Upgrades from the MKI version include tougher and more precise encoders, back-lit buttons and a larger, sharper OLED screen.

Audio Demos:


Sound processing

8 × Stereo analog distortion circuits
1 × Stereo analog multi-mode filter (7 filter types)
1 × 2 band adaptable stereo analog EQ
1 × Assignable envelope generator/envelope follower
1 × Assignable LFO


128 user preset slots


128×64 pixel OLED screen
MIDI In/Out/Thru with DIN Sync out
2 × 1/4? balanced audio out jacks
2 × 1/4? balanced audio in jacks
1 × 1/4? stereo headphones jack
2 × 1/4? CV/Expression pedal input jacks
48 kHz, 24-bit D/A and A/D converters
Flash-EEPROM upgradable OS
Hi-speed USB 2.0 port

Audio outputs

Headphones out level: +19 dBu peak
Headphones output impedance: 36 ?
Impedance balanced main outputs level: +19 dBu peak
Main outputs impedance: 440 ? unbalanced

Audio inputs

Balanced audio input level: +19 dBu peak
Audio input impedance: 39 k?

Control inputs

Input level: -5 V – +5 V
Accepts CV, Expression pedals, Foot switches

Physical specifications

Sturdy steel casing
Dimensions: W215×D184×H63 mm (8.5×7.2×2.5?) (including audio outputs, knobs and rubber feet)
Weight: approximately 1.5 kg (3.3 lbs)
100×100 mm VESA mounting holes


Overbridge enabled (available later)
3 year Elektron warranty

Included in the box

Power Supply PSU-3b
Elektron USB cable

Pricing and Availability

The Elektron Analog Heat mkII is available now for US $819.

41 thoughts on “Elektron Analog Heat MKII Now Available

    1. $800 for 8 dif analog distortion paths… in stereo… 16 analog distortion circuits $50 each – not counting analog filter , eq , control etc.

      don’t get why everyone complains about the price of these things

      1. if there was written Moog on it, then it would have been 1600 $ (Maybe even more after they wanted to trade-war) 😀

  1. When was the MKI released? The vibe I get with the MKII and my first thought: “What was wrong with the MKI? I thought it was built right.” Maybe its a distribution issue or screen availability from China? Anyway I know it’s 110% Trump’s fault.

  2. They are just repacking these so it doesn’t make sense to upgrade. Buy used for about 300 bucks less.

  3. Wasn’t the original released like less than 2 years ago? Buy used. Doesn’t have OverBridge like all MKIIs.

  4. lol, I was just looking at this the other day to add a little life to the digitakt. And thinking “This has been out a little while now, hopefully they drop the price soon.” I see they went the opposite direction. I don’t know why I expected differently after all the other mkII stuff.

    Can the inevitable digitakt mkII at least have more hd space and not just a different color of powder coat?

    Is there anything comparable to this in the guitar pedal world?

    1. i would say mixing and matching select pedals is more fun than buying a multi fx box that gives you what it wants and only that. i fell into the guitar pedal black hole for synths and happy to be in it, there’s sooo many cool pedals. the only down side is pretty much all pedals are mono, this is stereo which is cool.

  5. Don’t get why the mkII Elektrons don’t get overbridge, when they seem like they’re upgrading the build quality vs the electronics, if that makes sense.

    1. “Don’t get why the mkII Elektrons don’t get overbridge, when they seem like they’re upgrading the build quality vs the electronics, if that makes sense.”

      But some of the electronics HAVE changed.

  6. Elektron Octatrack MK III. Yes! Finally! Especially so now that it officially supports Neverbridge! I knew they wouldn’t let me down! Yay! Yay! Yay! Awesome!

    (gunshot of disinterest fires in background)

  7. Hardware is the software- including frequent updates it seems! Now you software and hardware can be updated once a year 😉

  8. seems kinda arbitrary. only thing that this does is it pisses off mkI owners who will see their gear depreciate faster.
    the new MKII owners on the other hand wont have access to overbridge for who knows how long.
    one step forward – two steps back.

    1. no prob, let me read the article for you. ah yes, third sentence, here we go:

      “Upgrades from the MKI version include tougher and more precise encoders, back-lit buttons and a larger, sharper OLED screen.”

  9. presumably an upgrade to equalise the components on the whole product range, still though at this point its all just bizarre:
    the MKI users get to be pissed off that their gear will drop in price, but also can use overbridge.
    the MKII users pay the premium price not to use overbridge but have a marginally better product.
    shit makes absolutely no sense.

    the overbridge is a fuckup of epic proportions and i am saying this as an elektron fan.
    if they had rolled the MKII out with the OBII this would all not have been an issue but now you have an absurd situation when you are paying more for less function.

    completely idiotic, well done elektron.

  10. When did this MK2 stuff start. Theres been a massive uptick in MK2 versions of machines with minimal changed/upgrades. Its like MK2’s only drop the resale prices of the MK1’s. Analog four has better bass, the Rytm has sampling (which is pretty great actually) the octatrack has a button layout that the first one should have had and now the analog heat has better encoders. Like WTH. Id rather just wait for…the performance mixer with sequence FX and about 8-12 inputs and a play button that starts midi sync. MK1 that unicorn!

    1. ” Id rather just wait for…the performance mixer with sequence FX and about 8-12 inputs and a play button that starts midi sync. ”

      Did you just described the Roland MX-1 Mixer?

  11. They keep releasing new products with no Overbridge. Their business model is baffling, but seems to be working.

  12. These guys are really burning bridges left and right. Me and at least 6-7 guys I know have sold off our Elektron gear and will never support them again. Daniel must be rolling in his grave.

  13. Elektron gear is awesome! Lets keep it real. If you initially made the purchase just for overbridge then my question is why? Is it because over bridge is such a necessary feature of this hardware device or is it because you feel a case of the “supposed to’s” and since your supposed to have Overbridge and you don’t have it, now its time to sell and complain? I’d like to know an equivalent machine to replace an Electron box…thats not software, and yes, a single machine.
    I’d love to hear one box that can even compete. An analog drum machine with sample playback and great sequencing? An analog synth with great sequencing and awesome performance features and 4 LFO’s?
    A sampler that can’t even be called a sampler because it surpasses sampling and performance in a single box? Name one, and then we have a conversation, otherwise we have SJW’s for music gear.

    1. I love my digitakt, but it needs overbridge to output the full 8 tracks separately. As soon as those tracks are out in overbridge, it’s straight to the main DAW for me and probably everyone else. If not overbridge then it should have come with more outputs.

      1. it’s maybe the case of wrong people buy this products. the analog comeback from say 2000 to 2010 was great, i don’t remember all this complains and entitlement feelings. maybe people just complain more today, like some smart guy said,

        ” everything is amazing and nobody is happy “

        1. The MPC1000 I paid $600 for in 2006 does 10x more stuff than the Digitakt I paid $650 for in 2017. This is undeniable fact. I can live with and am happy with those limitations. But my purchase was predicated on the fact cenk said (in several product demos) we’d be able to output the 8 tracks separately over usb by q4 17.

  14. They should make this but with a 16 channel mixer on top with MIDI control of levels and pans. I’d buy in a second.

  15. Elektr machines are great, unfortunately elektron’S priorities are not in the right places. Overbridge !! Just do it!!

  16. Elektron stuff is very cool, but i don’t think i’m alone in saying a company that is always making new versions of the same thing is disheartening, i was one of the people who grabbed an OT a month before the MK2 was released, and with boxes of this price people take lots of time to research save and pull the trigger, i wont purchase any more Elektron gear.

    1. Your OT1 still works though, right? It’s not suddenly crapped out when the OT2 arrived.

      I appreciate the annoyance some have with Mk2 releases but if, like you say, “people take lots of time to research save and pull the trigger” then what does it matter if a Mk2 is around? Your device still works. electron have committed to supporting that device for a number of years despite the Mk2.

      I understand that Mk1 values will likely plummet but I don’t buy gear with a view to sell. It’s a mild disappointment at worst.

      Overbridge on the other hand – totally get why some are raging on this one. Was a big reason why I sold my Digitakt and a reason why I didn’t hold on to my A4 Mk2 – knew the wait would be a long one!

  17. I love my analog heat and use it every day. But. My main gripe with it is the way the LFO rate is displayed/manipulated. It’s so gosh darned confusing to have a muliplier for coarse control and a 0-64 encoder for fine control. Why not give us some simple clock division values like every other syncable LFO? Unfortunately (or fortunately for mki owners, I guess), the mkii does not appear to improve on this, it just shows a cute animation of the wave in real-time. also, would be nice if there was a way to trigger the LFO from another source (ie MIDI CC) besides only the envelope follower. Otherwise, this is an incredible tool and I actually do hope this devalues the mki’s so I can scoop up another one cheap!

  18. i saved all my money (and that is quite a lot for a simple guys like most of us) on different Elektron machines that are now dicontinued part of the legacy product AHmk1, ARmk1, AKeys and maybe Overbridge will not work on my computer mid 2012 macbook pro dixit Elektron …3years ago it would have work like a charm but Elektron has got the eyes bigger than the belly and all MKI buyers havec be like constant beta testers and been fooled, following the early elektron philosophy MD an MnM ….but Elektron is now a terrible Apple clone, doesnt mean they make bad machines, not t all but they got such a strange and quite irrespectful behaviour towards the cutsomers and the built quality since the Octatrack mkI is not as good, customer service too…pay more more more get less less less

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