Analog Rytm Update Adds Dual VCO Synthesizer

Elektron recently released updates for the operating systems for all Analog machines, Digitakt, and Digitone to prepare them for the long-awaited Overbridge 2.

Current Overbridge users will probably want to wait to update their operating systems, because the update breaks compatibility with Overbridge 1.15.

But, if you’re a Analog Rytm user, the OS update introduced an interesting new feature, Dual VCO machine, that gives you a basic analog monosynth.

In this video, Corry Banks of BBoy Tech Report takes a look at Dual VCO and shows how it can be used in track.

14 thoughts on “Analog Rytm Update Adds Dual VCO Synthesizer

    1. Much as it’s never going to replace a fully fledged synth, you’re bound to get something useful out of it at some point. This demo video is dreadful but some of the sounds on the Elektron website sound more promising.

  1. I think the synth is nice, except that it can only work on BD, SD or on RS parts, which are really nice. If only they were with toms instead.

    1. The Tom machines dont have 2 VCOs available. The Dual VCO ist only possible on the lower machines due to internal hardware

    2. At least one can still overlay a sample and use p-locking along with the sequencer to get two sounds out of the same track.

  2. what the hell…why dont u push play button on ur computer for youtube or playbutton on ur dvd player….this has nothing to do anymore with making music…every imbecil can push buttons making other peoples saved music…go to a teacher and learn to play keyboard, guitar or another instrument…this is not for this instrument only but many of todays stuff like this…

      1. Haha, I think it’s an outdated rant about traditional instruments and what ‘real’ music is. Unfortunately the ranter doesn’t realise that many people who use this kind of gear can also play traditional instruments but want to make music with gear that has a different interface. Different results etc. The DIY ethos of punk, acid house and the bedroom producer seem to have been missed altogether by our original poster. Paul, one can try lots of disciplines. It doesn’t have to be polarised. There is no one, right or wrong way to make music. Don’t want to use gear like this, then don’t use it.

  3. it’s a shame that it uses the bottom 4 pads because those are the ones most people use most often! If it used the 2nd row that would have been better. i would hate to give up a kick or snare for this. and you really cant use it on pad 3 because pad 4 will choke it. But nonetheless, it’s a FREE and welcome addition. Why the hell not. I would just use single cycle wave or other synth samples on any pad instead of this…

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