disting mk4 Update Adds Multisample Audio Playback

Expert Sleepers has released a free update for the disting mk4 multifunction Eurorack module, adding multisample audio playback and more.

Here’s what’s new in disting mk4 firmware v4.7:

  • Added the Multisample Audio Playback algorithm.
  • Added MIDI Gate parameter to the Shift Register Random Quantized CVs, Quantizer, and Dual Quantizer algorithms.
  • Fixed the quantization of natural and harmonic minor scales so that incoming notes already in the scale don’t get shifted to neighbouring notes.
  • Fixed an issue in the Dual Euclidean Patterns algorithm that could cause it to start incorrectly depending on the position of the Z pot.

See the ES site for details.

2 thoughts on “disting mk4 Update Adds Multisample Audio Playback

  1. Have Expert Sleepers ever demo’ed a modular rack solely consisting of ten or more Distings?
    It would bean academic excercise of course, but surely they must have done it because Disting can do pretty much everything required It’s got the oscillators, LFOs, filters, effects. etc/ it might need a mult or two but it would be a funny system.
    It might need a few stickers for labels!

    1. When the “three module challenge” was a thing I suggested to Os that he do one where all three modules were distings. Not sure it happened, but it would’ve been awesome. 🙂

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