11 thoughts on “Three Ways To Get More From The Arturia DrumBrute

  1. it has no display. there is, therefore, every indication that operation is unconvenient. i need some kind of interactive menu control. my electribe 2s… yadda yadda, you know the story.

    1. yep. I am sure their next one will sound better. the sequencer and other functions are excellent it just leaves a bit to be desired sound-wise. shame

      1. I think the same maybe they add a sample option or more versatile synth options… I had the drumbrute for 3 weeks and must say if you owm a rytm its not what you except… But the sequencer + the random functions are awesome…

  2. It is hard to not have empathy with manufacturers . Roland tr8s seems to be the ground stealer now. the sample import side and eight outs has also no doubt impacted on Akais sampler/drum machines. A great time for consumers to some extent , but tricky for manufacturers.

    1. > Roland tr8s seems to be the ground
      > stealer now. The sample import side
      > has no doubt impacted on Akais
      > samplers

      lmao. nope. mpc heads at the renowned sequencer.de forum describe both mpc live and x as extremly sophisticated, as a “daw in the box.” you seem to have no clue about mpc´s keygroup programs. thanks to head coder pete goodliffe, the new mpc´s morphed into rompler workstations which is good news. no comparison AT ALL to the tr8s. if you want to compare the mpc´s with something, compare them with the toraiz.

  3. I had one briefly and the one thing I loved about it was the ribbon.

    Does the BSP ribbon work on just about anything? I could picture it not playing nicely with all gear.

  4. Three Additional Ways To Get More From The Arturia DrumBrute

    1. Take multiple clear photos so buyers know what they’re getting.
    2. Keep the original box and manual.
    3. Post your ad on multiple sites like Craigslist, Ebay, and Reverb.

    That should help you get the most from your DrumBrute. 🙂

    1. I kinda missed the memo, where it says that we hate the drumbrute now, as well. Funny how they use it as the good example (analog, individual outs) when they talk about gear like the TR-08 or TR-09.

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