Modular On The Spot Synth Jam

This video captures a live performance by Alani Vierra at Modular On The Spot in Portland.

Modular On The Spot is an outdoor modular synthesizer picnic, founded in Los Angeles by synthesists Eric ‘Rodent’ Cheslak and Bana Haffar.

The idea came about on a camping trip to Arizona in 2014 where the two set up a generator, speakers, and a modular synthesizer at an off grid location in the middle of the desert. The format was then brought to the Los Angeles river where it has resided, largely uninterrupted, for almost 3 years. The event has resonated with modular aficionados and has since spread, through local initiative, to over 13 cities across the United States.

Technical Details:

Here’s what Vierra shared about the performance and his set up:

A Modular on the Spot performance at Fernhill Park in Portland, Oregon 2018.07.01

4ms QCD & QPLFO on clock duties and modulation.

4ms STS loaded with vocal samples.

Plaits in Classic Waveform mode.

Erica Synths Pico DSP in stereo delay with Plaits.

WMD SSF DPLR doing trippy stereo delay with the STS vocal samples.

Malekko Varigate 4+ performing the beats.

Noise Engineering Zularic Repetior modulating Future Retro Transient.

Erica Synths Pico drums.

Mutable Instruments Rings x2.

Intellijel Tetrapad in keyboard mode.

Everything mixed into 2 Intellijel Mixups with no post processing.

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