WMD DVCA For Eurorack Now Available

WMD has released the DVCA – an updated take on their Digital VCA module that gives it more features, while reducing its size and power consumption.

Channel A is now unipolar/bipolar switchable, allowing for use as a bipolar VCA. With control parameters for bias and CV, users can create classic ring modulation and attenuversion effects. Channel B still has the character and features of the Digital VCA.


  • Dual VCA design
  • Channel A is a bipolar VCA
  • Channel A has bias and CV attenuversion
  • Low distortion/noise
  • VCA closes completely
  • Zero crossing detector
  • Gate/trigger detector
  • 8 bit CV resolution
  • Analog signal path
  • ‘Ultra fast’ envelopes

Pricing and Availability

The DVCA is available now for US $199.

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