31 thoughts on “Less Is More With Minimal Synth Setup

    1. Unless it’s a play on words…like it is.

      Anyway, in music, that expression usually implies play less notes, but make sure those notes really count and are saying “more” than just noodling. Hard to say if that’s the case here.

  1. You just scammed 4mins of my goodwill based on the fact that any pad played via tape-delay sounds hypnotic. Resisting the urge to write a diatribe.

    1. Add some filtered delay to the voice and automate it so some words repeat randomly so they seem to have special meaning or something.

  2. Loved it.

    Minimal music isn’t about how many notes you can play, it’s about restraint and taste, and this is beautifully done.

  3. …(30 seconds in)…[snore]..zzzzzzzz….

    [4 mins…wakeup] ..”woah…what did i miss??”

    Apparently nothing

  4. A lot of broke kids in Detroit and chicago used minimal gear that created a genre and changed a lot of our lifes.The idea masses of gear is instant creativity is not the case.

  5. This guy usually gets 4-7 views per vid in his channel, only this one now has ~2900, thanks to Synthopia. Guess it’s like lottery β€” you need to be discovered. And have some gems in your channel.

  6. Why must everyone be so negative about something different? Many would find EMD or whatever it is called this week equally boring because it always “seems” to have the same structure. IMHO this was a nicely executed little ambient track.

    1. Because they’re bored. I’m actually chuckling at those guys yapping about having lost 4 minutes when in reality their meagre attention span likely blocked them from listening through this to begin with.

  7. More equipment is usually an indicator of less inspiration or leading to less inspiration. Less equipment may be a cause of good inspiration. Zen. This not only applies to musical instruments or studio equipment, but life and world wide. Haven’t heared / watched the video yet, and guess what I’ll be doing is listening, not watching (less stimuli) and let that be the judge.

  8. Lovely video. It very much reminded me of this, which was done using a Korg Monologue and a looper pedal (as opposed to a Minilogue and tape loop). There’s a whole series of these videos using a Monologue on YouTube. Time though to explore the microtonal capabilities of the Monologue!


  9. I don’t “dislike” this, but it’s a tad simple even for an ambient piece. I’ve a great respect for all music and music creators, but this is a tad too long just to listen to the filters opening.

  10. I think it could have been quite a bit longer. 4 1/2 minutes doesn’t give enough time for the brain and senses to shift out of the “fast lane” of daily life into a slower pace of receptivity and perception. That’s where the magic of this type of music has a chance to affect us… For the positive, that is.

  11. Uhhh…..Switch off the mind and let the heart decide who you were meant to be.
    (Wind – power), There is no enemy
    Fan the flame and keep the dream alive, for the continent, the continent the continent, the continent, Yea!

  12. Yes, its actually quite short in my perception. Could be a great primer / intro track to a nice EP of lovely stuff. πŸ™‚

  13. Attention span these days has kinda shifted for the worst. People are apparently becoming either more short on it or some still things as they are without complaints

    Cannot win em all

    Nice demo indeed

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