Lakeside Audio Intros Groovestar 2.0 Step Sequencer For Mac & Windows

Lakeside Audio has introduced Groovestar v2.0, an audio instrument & synthesizer plugin, designed for creating drum loops and synthesizer sequences in an intuitive way.

The plugin is controlled by MIDI events – you can map any created pattern to different keys or combine them to play them simultaneously. Moreover it is also possible to map a whole range of notes to a pattern, allowing you to alter the pitch of it, if it is based on a synthesized sound or a wave file.


  • Up to 100 independent slots assignable to MIDI notes or ranges.
  • Each slot comes with a 16 steps sequencer with individual tune, legato, reverse play, emphasis and over speed settings.
  • Each slot has its own filter with different styles and a really fat and individual sound.
  • Each slot features an independent high-quality reverb and delay effect.
  • Each slot has its own LFO for modulating different parameters, so you can use up to 100 LFOs in a preset!
  • Sample library with almost 2.800 bass drums, claps, snare drums, percussion and so on!!

Video Tutorial:

Pricing and Availability

Groovestar 2.0 is available with an introductory price of 49 Euro through July 25, 2018 (normally 89 Euro). A demo version is also available.

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