PUMA Intros New Roland TR-808 Inspired Sneaker

Roland Corporation has announced another partnership with PUMA, a new TR-808-inspired sneaker, the PUMA RS-100 Roland.

Colors and detailing are inspired by the ‘80s hues of the TR-808 drum machine. ‘Rhythm Composer TR-808, Computer Composer’ is printed on the heel, and the outsole features lines that they say ‘mimic the lights on a synthesizer’.

Roland’s partnership with PUMA kicked off earlier this year with the unveiling of their first sneaker collaboration, PUMA’s RS-0 Roland, below, also inspired by the legendary 808 drum machine:

While the RS-0 Roland is a reboot of PUMA’s ‘80s R-System line of running sneakers, the RS-100 Roland retains a more retro look, but decked in modern materials.

Pricing and Availability

Both the RS-0 and RS-100 Roland sneakers will ship on 808 Day, August 8, 2018. Details below:

Style Name: PUMA RS-0 Roland
Article Number: 368406 01
Colorway: PUMA Black
Retail Price: US $130 / EUR 110

Style Name: PUMA RS-100 Roland
Article Number: 368405 01
Colorway: PUMA Black-PUMA White-Vibrant orange
Retail Price: US $100 / EUR 110

8 thoughts on “PUMA Intros New Roland TR-808 Inspired Sneaker

    1. What kind of toys are you talking about? – These are REGULAR shoes , just with a Roland tr808 Color scheme . You can also get these in plain black or whatever without them being Roland.

  1. Look out for the Behringer version coming to a discount shoe store near you soon. Wear them for two days and the soles fall out but they’ll only cost €30

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