Carl Craig’s Synthesizer Ensemble

This video captures a live performance of Carl Craig’s Synthesizer Ensemble, live at the Funkhaus Berlin.

The video captures the Ensemble performing Sandstorms, At Les and Domina, along an orchestral ensemble.

The ensemble includes Carl Craig, Kelvin Sholar (Grand Piano), Jon Dixon (OB-6), Christoph Adams (Prophet 6), Joel Holmes (Prophet 6), Greg Burk (Prophet 6)

The second video takes a behind-the-scenes look at the Synthesizer Ensemble:

via Telekom Electronic Beats TV, The Vinyl Factory

9 thoughts on “Carl Craig’s Synthesizer Ensemble

  1. Kudos to Francesco Tristano, who did the arrangements of these classic songs, I saw this in London, it was incredible.

  2. Very cool.

    Back in the 80’s I cofounded the Canadian Youth Synthesizer Orchestra. Stockhausen to Dolby. This brought back fond memories.

    Maybe it’s time to have another crack at it.

  3. Carl Craig did some fantastic music and is an important person with respect to Techno, but I saw this in Australia, and unfortunately it was one of the worst live shows I’ve ever experienced. I can see how people recent to Techno would find this amazing, but it was terribly disappointing. Maybe the shows elsewhere were better and Australia got a watered down version (not surprising). Ableton Live triggering a few drum samples and poly keyboards, with some piano playing—c’mon man, most Australians are a little smarter than that!

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