Yamaha Vocaloid 5 Brings Virtual Singers To Your Computer

Yamaha has released Vocaloid 5, the latest version of its virtual vocalist application for macOS & Windows.

The application includes virtual vocalists that can ‘sing’ any of 2,000 preset phrases, or you can enter your own phrases for them to sing. Four virtual vocalist are available in the Standard package, eight in the Premium package, and additional vocalists are available to purchase.

Here’s an in-depth look at how it works:


  • Over 2,000 preset phrases & audio to drag-and-drop into your song creation.
  • 11 audio effects to use within a single application.
  • Style function for an instant conversion to your favorite singing styles & voices.
  • Attack & Release effects and emotion tools to express your vocal phrases more realistically.
  • 3 new parameters to control vocal tension and breath amount.
  • 4 voicebanks (male & female, Japanese & English)
  • VST, AU, external MIDI input improved for external functionality.

See the Vocaloid site for more info.

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