Hungry Robot Intros Euro-Compatible Desktop Synth Modules

Hungry Robot Pedals has introduceda new line of desktop “Modular Boxes.”

The new modules are compatible with Eurorack and other modular systems, but use a pedal-style box format.

There are currently 13 modules available. The first group of designs focus on bread-and-butter modules, including ADSR, LFO, VCO, VCF & VCA modules. They require no case and are compatible with most power supplies used for guitar pedals.

Hungry Robot says that ]the lineup is deisgned to offer a low-cost option for those looking to expand their current Eurorack or semi-modular synths, without committing to new rack space.

Pricing and Availability

Hungry Robot Modules are available now, with most priced between US $75-150.

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