Patterning 2 Drum Machine App Now Available For iPad

Olympia Noise Company has released Patterning 2 , a major update to their circular drum machine app for iPad.

Here’s what’s new in Patterning 2 :

  • Record Beats with the New Drum Pads
  • Drum Kit Switching
  • Randomize (Almost) Everything
  • Next Generation Ratcheting
  • Automation Recording
  • Coarse Tune & MIDI Note Quantization
  • Quantized Pattern Launch
  • Sample Folders
  • Loop Rotate
  • Pattern Tempo Changes
  • Divide Mode Measure Length
  • New Automation Layers : Randomization, Ratcheting, MIDI CCs, and more.
  • Ableton Link Start/Stop
  • MIDI Learn Recording
  • MIDI Drum Triggering
  • MIDI Only Tracks
  • Unlimited MIDI CC Outputs
  • MIDI Gate Length Automation
  • Under the Hood Performance Improvements
  • Workflow Enhancements

Here are the official intro and demo videos:

Pricing and Availability

Patterning 2 is available now in the App Store for US $14.99.

If you’ve used Patterning 2, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

10 thoughts on “Patterning 2 Drum Machine App Now Available For iPad

  1. So glad to see “Divide Mode Measure Length”. In the previous version, you were stuck with 4-beat cycle. This is much more flexible. Nice also to see that each pattern can have it’s own tempo. That’ll make some interesting things possible.

  2. Just tried to load on iPad 4, it said, “Current version not compatible with this device. Download previous version?” (or something like that). That version shuts down immediately upon pressing play– every time.

    Hopefully they’ll work out that bug soon, and keep all versions compatible with 32-bit devices.

    1. Hey Stub, also found your comment on Discchord. I’m really sorry this happened. The app is 64-bit only. The version that Apple let you download was the very first beta from May, before I realized 32-bit compatibility wasn’t viable. I didn’t realize that it would let you buy that version! My apologies, it has been fixed on the App Store to not allow that to happen. Please request a refund via Apple. I am happy to help you out with that via our support email if you need help.

      1. As I mentioned over on Discchord, I bought it through through a special Mac OS version of iTunes that allows me to manage iOS apps on my MBP. It might not have allowed me to buy it if I’d tried directly from the iPad. I think some earlier description of the Patterning 2 may have made it seem that it would work on 32-bit devices. But I totally understand that you might start out with that hope, it isn’t always easy to deliver it. Alas.

        I have plans, maybe before the year is out, to get a 64-bit iPad, so I won’t need a refund.

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