LEGO Robot Band Meets Delay Lama

Sunday Synth Jam: Reader Giuseppe Acito let us know about his latest video, which features him and the Toa Mata Band – a collection of custom-built LEGO music robots – playing UOIEA.

Here’s what Acito has to say about the video:

The first LEGO robotic band is back!

Brand new automatic music instruments are featured side by side the robots, furthermore a special guest appear for the first time, it’s the classic vocal-synth freeware plugin DELAY LAMA by Audionerdz, which performs a futuristic vocal tune.

Technical Details:

Arturia Beatstep pro, Arturia iMini, Korg KaossPad 2, TEKTRONIX 764 + 760, Ipad3, iBook G4, Delay Lama Audionerdz, Alesis Photon X25, Lego Bionicle, Lego Technic, Ableton Live

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