Hemisphere Suite – An Alternate Firmware For Ornament & Crime

Hemisphere Suite for the Ornament and Crime multi-function module.

Hemisphere is a dual applet framework for Ornament and Crime. It replaces the default firmware with one designed to support two simultaneous applets with different functions.

Note that Hemisphere is an alternate firmware and overwrites the existing Ornament and Crime apps.

It’s a free download via Github.

If you’ve tried Hemisphere Suite, share your experience in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Hemisphere Suite – An Alternate Firmware For Ornament & Crime

  1. shame it now completely replaces the original firmware, at first it was supposed to be just one app. Basically it’s only for who bought the O_c (or his second O_c) and can’t find much of an use for it…

    1. Hemisphere is the version that only replaces one app in O+C.
      Hemisphere Suite is the version that replaces the O+C firmware entirely.

      The available memory in the hardware is pretty limited — it’s not possible to just keep cramming stuff into it without removing something.

  2. I am loving this suite and appreciate the effort involved in its creation! I’m finding more uses for it all the time. When using HemisphereSuite_1_7_FLIP_SCREEN.hex the Tuner doesn’t seem to be working (it works in the right-side-up version). I’m not sure how to request a fix from Chysn… any help will be appreciated, Thank You

  3. The Github page and Wiki just seem to reference the original O_C pages for build instructions– would be nice to have some confirmation there– what version of the IDE is recommended, which USB type to choose, if any of that matters– if not, it’d be nice to know that as well…

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