Sample Logic Introduces Arpology – Cinematic Dimensions

Today Sample Logic debuted their newest product, Arpology – Cinematic Dimensions. This latest introduction quadruples the power of the original Arpology, with the addition of an all-new 4-core performance engine, individually animating 4 instruments to create one cohesive sound. This allows users to blend up to 4 instruments while using different arp patterns at the same time, yielding creative results.

Arpology Cinematic Dimensions Key Features:

  • 1,200+ presets
  • 23+GB Sample Content
  • Dynamic meta-tag browsing system
  • Sample Logic’s proprietary 4-core Step Animator with XY Mixer
  • Entirely “randomizable” interface for instant and infinite inspiration
  • Hot-swappable FX chain technology
  • Animator MIDI drag and drop technology

“The world’s most powerful arpeggiator.” In 2012, Sample Logic developed a ground-breaking arpeggiator named the “Step Animator” which became the driving force behind a fantastic multi-genre sample library, the original Arpology. The library “conjured magic” from single instruments with versatile step animation. After a year of development, this new iteration of Arpology is not only more powerful than its 2012 predecessor, but includes over 23GB of recorded instruments (from the original Arpology, along with newly-recorded content). The library boasts over 1,200 presets designed to deliver flexible sequencing and arpeggiated grooves for all types of cinematic productions.

Infinite Randomization. Built from the ground up, Arpology: Cinematic Dimensions is an entirely new product which has been specifically designed for musical motion. Each of the presets are uniquely diverse in style and scope. Cinematic Dimensions also features powerful built-in randomization functions, allowing users to remix fragments of presets to forge together uniquely original cinematic sequences.

Dynamic Preset Browsing. Sample Logic has also built in an intuitive, dynamic preset browsing system in Cinematic Dimensions for more easily choosing presets, and for playback manipulation.  The browser allows the user to explore any sound available in the library from one central location. Access sound sources, sound cores and instrument presets with the ability to solo and bypass cores and activate step animators while browsing or performing. Filter through sources, effects, patterns or any combination of these, or even isolate specific attributes of a preset while sorting through each preset, one by one.

Intuitive Infrastructure.  Beyond the browsing system, Sample Logic has designed a straightforward approach for digging deep into presets and customizing them in Arpology – Cinematic Dimensions. The framework of the interface is divided into 4 main sections: CORE, STEP, MIX and MASTER:

  • CORE: Use this section to load individual sound core presets or sound sources into any of the 4 cores. At the center of the CORE interface is a XY controller used to visually blend the mix of the 4 cores. The XY controller movements can be assigned to a hardware controller or animated with a preset automaton pattern. Additionally, record custom XY movements to play back each time a note is triggered right inside the interface.
  • STEP: In this section, add movement in 2 ways: through the Step Animator and or via the Dynamic FX Animator, which allows for easy FX automation. The Step Animator gives each core a unique arp sequence, setting the length and attributes of each step independently with up to 128 steps. The STEP section has over 300 unique animation presets, all randomizable. In addition, use the dynamic browser to load up just the step pattern of any of the main presets via the browser filter section. The lower half of the expanded STEP section has 6 effects slots with over 25 different effects to choose from; each of these can be animated. The Step Animator and Dynamic FX Animators are on separate internal clocks, allowing the user more freedom to create syncopated and polyrhythms between each core.
  • MIX: Similar in layout to the CORE window, the MIX window is tailored towards mixing each core. Adjust attack, release, EQ, energizer and more.
  • MASTER: The master section houses 8 dynamic effect inserts that allow for custom master effects chain, applying the parameters to all 4 cores. From compression and saturation to delay and reverb, use the controls to quickly make presets production-ready.

Arpology – Cinematic Dimensions System Requirements

  • Full retail version of Kontakt, version 5.8 or higher (will not work in the free Kontakt Player)
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or greater, Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM (6GB recommended)
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2, 4 GB RAM (6GB recommended)
  • 24GB free disk space
  • Available only as a download

COMPATIBILITY (Mac 64-bit only; Windows 32/64-bit)

  • Stand-alone
  • VST
  • Audio Units
  • AAX

Pricing and Availability. Sample Logic Arpology – Cinematic Dimensions is available now from the Sample Logic webstore, at an introductory price of $349.99US (reg $399.99) or crossgrade for owners of the original Arpology, using your serial number, for $299.99 US.

For more information. A complete playlist of Arpology – Cinematic Dimensions feature and overview videos is available on Sample Logic’s YouTube channel, and detailed product information is available on the company’s website.

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