Modular VCA Panning & Ducking

Nikol from Bastl Instruments shared two new videos, looking at ways of using VCAs within a modular system.

In the first video, above, Nikol demonstrates using the Quattro Figaro to pan mono signals from left to right, using two VCAs and an inverter. The pan modulation is done by Tromsø, it is tweaked to go up to audio rate in this example.

In the second video, Nikol takes a look at how ducking can be done with envelopes, Quattro Figaros VCAs and Inverters:

3 thoughts on “Modular VCA Panning & Ducking

  1. I dont‘t get the ducking example… or more precisely, it seems like theres missing a step. atleast in my semi-modular world i have to add an offset to the inverted envelope for it to function. Because:
    if you invert a kick envelope, you get an envelope outputting voltages of -5 to 0. Nothing a usual VCA would react to (?!). So is the inverted output actually inverted+offset (*-1 + 5) or is the VCA special in that it reacts also to negative voltage? Please someone enlighten me!

    Addendum: yes i read the sparse manual
    they offer from bastl. doesn‘t tell you any details!

  2. I think the VCA is all the way up so the -5 will force him to shut down. For this the VCA needs indeed an internal offset.

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