MiniDisc Techniques for Ambient/Experimental Music Production

Ambient guru Hainbach is back with another video looking at using inexpensive gear in creative ways.

This time, he looks at MiniDisc techniques for ambient and experimental music production.

Sony introduced the MiniDisc format in 1992, and it was retired in 2013. The format is based on magneto-optical discs that can hold about 80 minutes of compressed audio, and both players and player/recorders were available for the format.

Hainbach makes use of the divide and shuffle functions of the MiniDisk to turn it into a random sample playback device.

12 thoughts on “MiniDisc Techniques for Ambient/Experimental Music Production

  1. 2:55 to 3:04 obviously FF so no idea how “quick” this actually is? But I’ll pass as I could do much more in Soundforge in less than 30 key strokes and then using regions to split any sound I want I could make random patterns 1000x more interesting and much more easy in a matter of seconds. Again JMO.

    1. Yet Hainbach is consistently putting out interesting and musical work, and you’re not.

      What is he doing different?

      1. yeah. that comment of his alone was 301 keystrokes – could have been 10 tracks of “much more”.. 🙂

        ps: 131 keystrokes right here!

  2. I’m amused at this sort of thing. Its not bloody invalid to just have some fun, but its a lot like a kid poking at a frog with a stick. I enjoy the Chamberlin and PVC-tube marimbas, so I’m game for it when someone can turn old tech into a new toy.

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