Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesizer Video Tutorial

Modal Electronics shared this hands-on demo of their upcoming SKULPT synthesizer.

Based on the voice architecture of the Modal CRAFTsynth, SKULPT boasts four polyphonic voices of synthesis with advanced sound creation features.

Topics covered:

00:17 – Presets
01:00 – Oscillators
03:20 – Filter
04:37 – Envelopes
06:53 – LFOs
08:48 – Keyboard
10:36 – Arpeggiator
11:25 – Delay
12:53 – Sequencer
14:11 – Modulation

Patch Demos:

Pricing and Availability

Modal SKULPT production is being funded via a Kickstarter campaign. It’s available to project backers for about US $270, and the project is already fully funded.

7 thoughts on “Modal Electronics SKULPT Synthesizer Video Tutorial

    1. it’s irrelevant because they are different animals, I have an uno and it actually sounds really good but it is more like a playable 303-esque machine. A comparison for these would be say, the boutiques

  1. Hope they make the texts associated with the shift function a little bigger and brighter, since they are not readable right now. Otherwise curious to what more Modal will bring in this Skulpt universe.

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