Free Update For Roland TR-8, TR-8S Adds ‘Step Loop’ Function

For 808 Day, Roland has released a free update for their TR-8 and TR-8S drum machines that adds a new ‘Step Loop’ function.

Here’s what they have to say about the new feature:

STEP LOOP has been implemented for ultimate live pattern improvisation. Play only the steps you want within the pattern for tight, controllable fills or wild, extreme glitches. The ever-steady, performance-ready TR-8S takes a dramatic evolved step forward with STEP LOOP.

The update is available now for both the TR-8 and the Roland TR-8S.

3 thoughts on “Free Update For Roland TR-8, TR-8S Adds ‘Step Loop’ Function

  1. Reading the description, this is going to be a super cool feature. Watching that video though… I would have no idea WTF it was trying to demonstrate.

    That being said, the TR8 is one of the best deals in town right now. I’ve seen them for $200-$300 on Craigslist. I assume it’s people dumping them for the TR8S. But the TR8 is super playable, sounds great, and at that price is an easy add to many rigs.

  2. good that they dont forget the tr8, its still super accessable and playfull. but the video tells nothing about the new feature …

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