Tangerine Dream Live In Norway

Sunday Synth Jam: This video captures a live performance by Tangerine Dream in Norway, 8/10/2018.

The performance includes:

  • Tangram (2018)
  • Phaedra (2018)
  • Love On A Real Train
  • It Is Time to Leave When Everyone Is Dancing
  • Roll the Seven Twice
  • Stratosfear (2018 version)
  • Oslo By Night (Improvisation)

Note: The embed above captures a live stream from Øyafestivalen in OSLO/NORWAY by PressureDrop.tv, and there are some drops in the audio.

22 thoughts on “Tangerine Dream Live In Norway

      1. But it’s okay for someone to respond to my initial comment with, “More live than your brain cells?” That was left on there.

        That’s not a personal attack? That’s “on topic and constructive?”

  1. Unless its a live jam-band setup like Phish or dare I say, even King Crimson, “backing tracks” are a simple fact of life. If Ableton is emitting half of the pads and the like while the live players cover the rest, that’s called bringing the studio onstage. Its where the technology has been heading all along. Its not fakery; its simply using what you have with some forethought and style.

    If these people were good enough for Edgar to play with them, I’m fine with it. The concert was solid and it sounds the way TD should. Its seems proper that the name has been handed off to musicians who clearly get it. Uncle Edgar has passed, but the cousins know what they’re doing with the family name. I respect them for having the balls to BE Tangerine Dream. Its no small thing.

  2. td without froese is like the dave matthews band without dave matthews – a complete and utter joke, a job-creation measure for quaeschning. when ralf hutter dies kraftwerk is dead, and rightfully so. (or maybe florian schneider-esleben returns, who knows.)

    1. They’ve proven the naysayers wrong long ago – but you come across more like a troll than someone who actually sticks to a viewpoint long after it’s proven wrong.

    2. If there’s a post where you’ve contributed a meaningful comment, ragnhild, post a link. I’d be happy to be proven wrong!

        1. Sad that you have to go back more than a year to find one of your comments that you think is more than just trolling.

          Sadder still that you claim that your comment led Yamaha to “address ALL sequencer flaws of the Montage”, while just a few days ago, you cut-and-pasted a comment complaining about the ‘cumbersome’ Montage sequencer:


          So, not only did you fail to identify a single time when you’ve made a meaningful comment, but you’re admitting to trolling AND spamming the site using multiple fake identities.

          Mr Right would like to be proven wrong some day. Sadly, today is not the day, and you are not the person to do it.

          1. > just a few days ago, you cut-and-pasted a
            > comment complaining about the ‘cumbersome’
            > Montage sequencer

            because it´s still a pita. the genos has all the workstation features the montage should have had in the first place. my guess is the yamaha engineers felt bad about disappointing the motif customers. so therefore they came up with the genos which is more motif than tyros.

  3. I don’t get all the negative comments. Never been a TD fan but I can’t see this as any different from any Jarre or Kraftwerk “gig”. It’s their music and a visual performance. What else do you want? Dancing midgets? Burning flamingos? Rian Johnson reading poems? There is no pleasing you guys.

    1. I’d go to see dancing midgets even if Coldplay was the backing band. Besides, the great gal on the violin has the touch. I especially enjoy her semi-solos. They fit the style beautifully.

  4. the Quantum era TD is the best electronic music since the Melrose Years- Froes’s last gift was to bring Quaeshning and Schnauss together- amazing stuff!

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