Sinevibes Intros Luminance Shimmer Reverb Effect For Mac

Sinevibes has introduced Luminance – a Mac Audio Unit plugin, designed for creating the ‘shimmer reverb’ effects featured in the music of Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois.

Shimmer reverb effects create an unreal acoustic space which gradually pitch-shifts the reverberation tail. Sinevibes says that Luminance offers a novel take on the effect that “smoothly follows the original melodies and harmonies and creates a lush background sound layer ,reminiscent of a dreamy symphony of strings or pipe organs.”

Pricing and Availability:

Luminance is available now for $29.

9 thoughts on “Sinevibes Intros Luminance Shimmer Reverb Effect For Mac

    1. Sunvibes does not have any copy protection on Macs, – trust based system. I think it would be very difficult for Sunvibes to implement the same system for Windows – the most cracked software OS platform in the world. How can you blame them…
      Get the Mac, all pros use it anyway 😉

  1. Well, I better get good use out of this. My first plugin buy and it cost me $49 Australian. Someone seems to have just made up the exchange rate to suit – so who profited?

  2. Cheers to Sinevibes on LUMINANCE!

    It sounds beautiful – which I’ve never felt about an effect before. LUMINANCE creates a crisp, active, shimmery reverb, and the pitch shifting creates an incredibly musical and ethereal effect that enhances a surprising range of sounds. It created a shimmering tonal cloud when I used it on an arpeggiated synth pattern, while it both thickened up AND brought out subtle overtones in a percussion loop. And it easily handles long decay times without losing clarity or causing dissonance. I’m excited to try it out with more sounds!

  3. This looks like another great plugin from sinevibes. But can someone explain why they don’t start making pc versions. Or at least something for pc, it’s a huge market, i don’t code but the two platforms can’t be so different can they? They could even charge a bit more maybe.

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