80’s Style E-Mu Emulator II Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Marko Ettlich of RetroSound shared this 80’s style synth jam, featuring the sounds of the E-Mu Emulator II sampling synthesizer.

“This track is inspired by the famous TV series like Miami Vice from the 80s,” he notes.

Here’s what Ettlich has to say about the technical details:

  • All synthesizer sounds: E-Mu Emulator II sampling synthesizer
  • Drums: Linndrum (1982).
  • Multi-tracked manually, without MIDI sequencing.

6 thoughts on “80’s Style E-Mu Emulator II Synth Jam

    1. Can anyone comment on how the Emax compares to the Emulators?

      There’s one available for pretty cheap (under $500) at a local pawn shop, but I hesitated to pull the trigger because I know a ton of stuff made with the Emulators, but not anything made with the Emax.

      1. The Emax is comparable to the Emulators in sound quality. The 16 bit ones are the best. The ISSUE to consider is: Who is going to fix it, if it breaks down, and are parts available?

    2. Could be because he’s playing Synclavier samples? Heck, even the Ensoniq Mirage sounded good when using some of the 3rd party libraries with Fairlight, Synclav and PPG sounds.

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