AKAI Timbre Wolf Sounds Great In The Right Hands

Sunday Synth Jam: The AKAI Timbre Wolf was seen by many as a limited synth, with tuning issues, by many when it was released.

But this synth jam, via Firechild aka (Pontus Hagberg), shows that, if you play to its strengths, it’s a unique instrument and can sound great.

Here’s what Hagberg has to say about the video:

A “friend” of mine “let me loan” his Timbre Wolf…say no more, what a legendary synthesizer! No vibrato, no attack parameter, no nothing. Very warm analog sound though.

You can describe it as a 4-voice TB303. The track is called Timbre Wolf and is produced and composed by www.firechild.se and will NOT be included on any album whatsoever in the future or in the past 😉


23 thoughts on “AKAI Timbre Wolf Sounds Great In The Right Hands

  1. Nobody ever asked for a polyphonic 303! Kudos to Firechild for making the Timbre Wolf sound great, though!

    I was interested in this for its sequencing capabilities. As I understand it, it’s basically got four independent x0x style sequencers in it, so you can sequence each voice separately. Kind of a poor-man’s Analog Four.

    But this is the first demo of it that I’ve heard that didn’t have cringe-worthy tuning problems. I’d be interested in what Firechild does to avoid the tuning problems.

    1. I have one (you can get them soo cheap now), mostly use it for key sounds – the tuning isn’t really an issue as I have found, as long as you remember to zero out the knobs, The tune knobs are kind of weird because they are rea.ly only useful in unison mode but otherwise they just make everything a little out of whack, they probably would have done better with a general unison spread knob or disabled the osc tuning in poly and mono mode. When it starts up it does a calibration, I can’t say if drift happens eventually because I will only play it for a couple of hours at a time

    1. It’s always nice to have people reply with links to their own music. I don’t take the opinions of posters seriously when they are too cowardly to link to the music they make.

  2. Very limited sound and timbre capacity. But always the same: “The machyne by him self don´t make nothing interesting”. Firechild in his line.. Is not a programmer, sorry.

  3. I like the tune a lot but still think it sounds pretty meh. Hope he redoes the song with some of the gear in the background. 🙂

  4. Mediocre track using an incredibly limited and mediocre synth.

    But do you know what?… just like the 303 (spit), come back in 20 years time and these will be going for silly money…. with the young suckers of 2038 trying to convince people that they sound awesome and were misunderstood back in the day.

    The TimbreWolf isn’t misunderstood at all… it’s just really not very good. Now OR in 2038!

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