Ambient Synth Jam Inspired By Terry Riley & Delia Derbyshire

Sunday Synth Jam: 100 Things I Do shared this ambient synth jam, inspired by the music of composers Terry Riley & Delia Derbyshire.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

Thought I would share an experiment this week. What would happen if I mixed the ideas behind Terry Riley’s “In C” with the effect of early tape experiments of Steve Reich.

Instead of a beat I started with 3 Drones from a Radel Digital Tambura. The lampshade is of the kind Delia Derbyshire once used (check out Blue Veils and Golden Sands).

From here I have created 3 basic Patterns with the sampler: Descending, Pulse and Dual pattern Pulse.

While obviously not groundbreaking in any new way it does bring a new flavour of hypnotic drone that I have not used before. Some of the emergent patterns work quite well I think.

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