Auburn Sounds Intros Couture Transient Shaper & Saturator

Auburn Sounds has introduced Couture, a level-independent dynamics plugin (VST/AU/AAX) that offers six types of saturation.

Couture’s Sharpen control lets you emphasize transients to increase a signal’s dynamic range or ‘turn it down’ to get additional headroom.

The Saturation section can be an alternative to transient shaping or a separate stage after it. Couture’s six distortion algorithms can add anything from subtle tape-style warmth to ‘all-out digital destruction’.

Couture’s transient shaping and distortion are level-independent, so you can change the gain of a signal before it hits Couture, and it won’t make a difference to the transient-shaping or the distortion processing.


  • Sharpen or dull transients, and weight the effect by a factor of 1x, 2x or 3x.
  • Visualize changes to the signal in the main display, and see Input and Output waveforms
  • Front/Back and Speed controls affect the transient response and timing intuitively
  • Set detection type: Flat frequency spectrum, Human speech, Sibilance reduction
  • Six dynamic waveshaping distortion flavours: Bitcrush, Rectify, Fuzz, Sin, Bass and Tube
  • VST2/AU/AAX plugin for PC/Mac, runs in all major DAWs

Couture can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Balance a sound’s transient attack and body with the Sharpen control
  • By reducing the Sharpen control, you can use Couture like a compressor, bringing a volatile signal under more control and allowing for extra make-up gain using the Output control.
  • De-ess and de-click overly harsh percussion: set a fast Speed control, process the Front and reduce Sharpen
  • Simulate gated drums with more extreme Sharpening
  • Reduce the Mood control by 25% and lower the cutoff to emulate a nostalgic tape-style sound
  • Make buses, groups or an entire mix punchier or smoother using a fast settings and a gentle change of the Sharpen parameter. Roll off the bass in the detector amount for better results

Pricing and Availability

Couture is available now with an intro price of 39.20€ EUR (normally 49.00€).

One thought on “Auburn Sounds Intros Couture Transient Shaper & Saturator

  1. So great that they offer the transient section as a freeware plugin.

    The price for the full plugin is reasonable.

    I like the ability to add level-independent saturation to a signal. It’s a cool idea– it won’t go away if you’re under some “threshold”. Seems like a useful mastering tool.

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