Synth Jam With Moog Model 15 & Eurorack Modular System

Sunday Synth Jam: This official Moog Music video captures a live performance by synthesist Max Ravitz, An Exercise for the Moog Model 15.

The performance features Moog Model 15, MPC 1000, 303 and a Eurorack modular system.

Performing under the solo moniker Patricia, Ravitz has released music through Opal Tapes, L.I.E.S. Records, Spectral Sound and Ghostly Intl. Max Ravitz releases “Free Lunch”, a new Patricia record, August 30th on Nona Records.

3 thoughts on “Synth Jam With Moog Model 15 & Eurorack Modular System

  1. Nice work – makes you realize how much nicer the usability of the 5U format is, when you see the nice big knobs and roominess of the classic Moog modules next to the cramped Euro ones.

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