Novation Beats And Bytes Livestream To Cover Basics Of Synthesis & Sound Design

Novation let us know that their next ‘Beats and Bytes’ event, scheduled for Thursday August 23rd at 4PM PST, will cover the Basics Of Synthesis & Sound Design.

The Beats and Bytes events are a series of live streamed video demos, demonstrating synthesist and electronic music techniques, using Novation gear. The events have previously been held on the company’s Facebook site, but they have moved these to their YouTube page, NovationTV.

Here’s what they have to say about the event:

Learn Synthesis with Novation

Tune into the Novation YouTube channel on Thursday 23 August at 4PM PST for a brand new episode of our live stream series Beats and Bytes.

For this episode, we will talk through the basics of synthesis and show you how to create the following sounds:

(00:00 – 10:00) Making Drum Sounds w/ Circuit Mono Station

(10:00 – 20:00) Making Bass Sounds w/ Bass Station II

(20:00 – 30:00) Making Pad Sounds w/ Peak

(30:00 – 35:00) Putting it all Together

(35:00 – 40:00) Q & A

6 thoughts on “Novation Beats And Bytes Livestream To Cover Basics Of Synthesis & Sound Design

  1. Glad to see people are screaming in praise about Novations amazing gear! Probably too tired form all the Behringer tease post with 175 comments per.

    1. The reality is that Behringer is very divisive, so people like to argue about it. Other companies aren’t as controversial, so they don’t get people as riled up.

      Most electronic musicians have or know of at least one piece of Novation gear, like the Launchpad or the Circuit, and know that it generally works as advertised.

  2. I get it. Just had to point a finger at it. The Novation Peak is an amazing piece of machinery and most are too busy clucking about vaporware or shoulda-coulda’s.

    1. Agreed, incredible synth. Definitely Novation’s finest hour on top of many fine prior achievements. Many of which have found their way onto my albums over the years.

      I do wish they’d add more mod sources and destinations, though. Particularly delay time as a destination!

  3. I agree, novation is awesome. I picked up the mono circuit for cheap, one of the best purchases I’ve made, no need for a screen, awesome sequencer ( equal to elektron) and it sounds amazing!

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