Moogseum Moves One Step Closer To Reality


The Bob Moog Foundation, an independent non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of Bob Moog and his work, has announced that their planned Moogseum is one step closer to becoming a reality.

The Foundation has announced it will be moving its headquarters to a new space in the heart of downtown Asheville. The new location, at 56 Broadway Street, will be home to the Foundation’s operations, and the future home of its long-awaited Moogseum.

The Foundation’s offices will relocate to the new space this October, with monthly events and a pop-up Moogseum store planned shortly thereafter. The Foundation plans to open the Moogseum in early 2019.

Michelle Moog-Koussa
Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Foundation

Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director of the Foundation, says “The new location will be an ideal venue for inspiring people through our extensive archives and our varied educational initiatives. Both our offices and the Moogseum will benefit greatly from being part of the vibrant downtown Asheville community, and the millions of visitors that it hosts each year.”

Planned features for the Moogseum include:

  • Interactive exhibits that will allow people to explore and discover the science behind the sound of electronic music, with bays of synthesizers, theremins, and effect pedals from a variety of manufacturers.
  • An interactive timeline of the life and work of Bob Moog and the many people who inspired him and with whom he collaborated
  • An archival center where rare documents, including project notes, articles, photos and schematics from the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, can be viewed on an interactive LED screen
  • A Young Inventors Lab where children will be inspired to explore electronic music and create their own circuit board
  • A rotating exhibit space which highlights new innovations in musical instrument interface as well as shared exhibits from other museums
  • Traveling exhibits to share work with other facilities nationally and internationally
  • An online Moogseum that will allow us to share

Since its inception 12 years ago, the Foundation worked to preserve thousands of documents, photos, memorabilia, and a vault of vintage instruments; inspire elementary school students with an multi-disciplinary 10-week ‘SoundSchool’ curriculum; and help document Bob Moog’s work, including contributing to two new biographies about Bob Moog, and an upcoming documentary, Electronic Voyager.

“The Moogseum will represent a convergence of the Foundation’s many ongoing projects, as well as opening the door to a wide range of new possibilities,” adds Moog-Koussa. “We are truly excited for the opportunity to share the Foundation’s efforts with a wider audience.”

Some early concept designs for the Moogseum are available at the museum site. Note that the designs were created long before the present location was determined. You can find out more about the Bob Moog Foundation at the organization’s site.

11 thoughts on “Moogseum Moves One Step Closer To Reality

  1. I think the Moogseum will be a challenge to keep running, simply because a sole focus on Moog is too narrow. Far better if emphasized Moog while also including other major American synth manufacturers.

    1. “Interactive exhibits that will allow people to explore and discover the science behind the sound of electronic music, with bays of synthesizers, theremins, and effect pedals from a variety of manufacturers.”

  2. it would be a big mistake to focus on bob moog alone. the museum should also celebrate the following people: Elisha Gray
    Thaddeus Cahill
    Lee de Forest
    Léon Theremin
    Maurice Martenot
    Friedrich Trautwein
    Arseny Avraamov
    Yevgeny Murzin
    Harald Bode
    Georges Jenny
    Constant Martin
    Raymond Scott
    Hugh Le Caine
    Don Buchla
    they must be considered equally important imho.

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