Moog Retiring Moogerfooger Line After 20 Years

Moog Music today announced that it is retiring the Moogerfooger line of hardware effects:

Today we say farewell to the Moogerfooger family of voltage-controlled analog effects, after a 20-year production run. As one of the longest running lines in the Moog Factory, the Moogerfooger family holds a special place in our hearts.

We will continue building a limited quantity of units here at the Moog Factory while our remaining inventory of parts and materials last.

The Moogerfooger family of voltage-controlled analog effects was first introduced by Bob Moog in 1998 with two pedals based on original Moog synth-module designs: the MF-101 Low Pass Filter and the MF-102 Ring Modulator. A year later, they were joined by the MF-103 12-Stage Phaser. Their voltage-controlled capabilities allowed the functions of one Moogerfooger to interact with the functions of another, inviting artists to explore a limitlessly reconfigurable sonic landscape.

During its 20-year run, the Moogerfooger line evolved to include over 20 different variations, with various designs moving in and out of production over the years. Today, the three remaining Moogerfoogers currently produced in the Moog Factory are the same three that started this journey, the MF-101, MF-102, and MF-103.

These units are available for a limited time through authorized Moog Dealers.

19 thoughts on “Moog Retiring Moogerfooger Line After 20 Years

  1. …and then they’ll have the special edition, then the 25th anniversary super special edition, then the 30-year gold special edition.
    Just being an ass. Good on them for selling them for so long. I can’t believe it’s 20 years!

    1. No, it‘s not *facepalm* I think it‘s somehow connected to first world war consequences. Makes about as much sense as your implication

      1. how do you know?
        the cost of passive parts went up, because they come from china 😉
        moog was pretty vocal about the tax thing having consequences for their productions.
        if this doesnt make sense to you you must be living under a rock.

    1. I’ve owned many phaser pedals including Boss, EHX, Digitech, MXR, Empress, Roland, DOD, Akai… and NOTHING comes anywhere near the super deluxe creamy richness of the MF-103. I will always cherish my Moogerfoogers. They are unique in design and tone, and they commemorate the good Doctor’s return from impoverished outcast to synthesizer wizard.

  2. Well it is the golden age for boutique pedals. Competition is fierce and interest is pretty low. I wonder if they have a new line of pedals in the works? May have to finally pull the trigger before it’s too late!

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I have had my eye on the Moogerfoger Phaser for a few years now; finally pulled the trigger while I still can. This Phaser was designed by Bob Moog himself, when he was still with us, and is probably the best phaser ever made, with an incredible LFO frequency range and control over the sweep frequency (something most phasers don’t have); I prefer the sound of a six-stage phaser over that of a 4/8/12 stage one.

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