Seymour Duncan Intros FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal

Seymour Duncan has introduced the FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synthesizer effects pedal.

It’s designed to be a fuzz pedal that also offers the basic building blocks of a synthesizer:

FOOZ uses a heavily saturated square-wave fuzz to transform your guitar into the ‘oscillator’, ready to be sculpted by other blocks. The next element is the Filter which can be set to a Low Pass Filter (based on what you’d find in classic synths) or a Band Pass Filter which works more like a Wah pedal. Finally, a deeply tweakable LFO and an Envelope follower provide the modulation. The LFO can be used to control the overall volume and Filter Frequency. The Envelope can control the Filter and the LFO Depth and Rate. You can also control most of the surface controls with an external expression pedal (not included).

The interconnectivity between blocks allows the FOOZ to be used in a variety of manners. You can use it to replicate the sounds of a synth but also as a straight-up fuzz, tremolo (use the LFO to modulate the volume), auto-wah (use the Envelope to modulate the Filter), fuzz-wah (expression pedal assigned to control the BPF), rhythmic filter (LFO assigned to Filter Frequency), or a “cocked” wah (no modulation, BPF set to desired frequency).

Pricing and Availability

The FOOZ is available now for US $349.

7 thoughts on “Seymour Duncan Intros FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synthesizer Pedal

  1. Ok they could’ve bothered to sync up the synth line with the demo song tempo but they didn’t. Also I hate seing those prs-like “furniture” type guitars being used to create these kind of non-ordinary sounds and tones. Get a telecaster in there for crying out loud. Seems like I really good piece of gear though 😉

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